OneDrive like,S3 backup solution

A sync engine that syncs files between the local machine and standard/customer S3 providers. Present your remote files through the Windows file system and File Explorer.

Easy to use.

A very simple configuration is required, and then it works like a magic.

When it’s configured correctly, no more actiosn are needed to keep your data synced. All sync operation are executed automatically.

OneDrive like.

It’s built with the Microsoft Cloud Sync Engine, which is same with OneDrive.

Placeholder files are supported.

Compatible with Windows file explorer and Windows file system.

Work with konwn S3 services.

Support lots of S3 compatible storage service:

  • Amazon S3
  • Aliyun OSS
  • Huawei OBS
  • Tencent COS
  • other s3 compatible services

Supported features